Thanks in advance for your thoughtful gifts!

Ali & Lance have all the home goods that they need, and would prefer their wedding gift to be a trip to Japan.

You can donate by clicking the buttons below the photos, or you can bring a physical card / gift to the venue and place it inside one of the boxes we’ll have set up.


Lance and Ali have been wanting to go to Japan for some time now, and what could be more exciting than making it our first big trip together out of the country? We're looking forward to visiting Tokyo, Rabbit Island, and possibly Aomori or Kyoto during our stay!

Gift to Japan


Ali has been dreaming of her first trip to Disneyworld since she was at least 5 years old and insisting about how she'd grow up to be a beautiful princess who'd inherit a wealthy kingdom. While she has yet to receive her inheritance letter, she still dreams (at 31!) to have her first magical experience in an enchanted theme park. Having your dreams come true is apparently costly, so she'd love some help in making this happen!

Oh, and Lance will have fun, too.

Gift to Disneyworld