All Ages (targeted for 8-12 year olds)
Illustrated picture book
Whimsical fairytale


With starlight, you can fly to the moon.

Willa didn’t grow up wanting to be a vegetable farmer. Unlike most rabbits, she wanted to be an artist and dreamed of becoming one of the moon rabbits from Mother’s stories; to soar through the sky and paint the constellations with them each night.

But the fields need maintaining, and the crops need harvesting. A rabbit has no reason to dream of the stars.

That is—until she sees one of those stars fall.

And like a beam of light she dashes after it, knowing that this could be the very key to helping her unlock a path to the moon. If she could gather enough stars, she could make a star-ladder and climb her way to the sky. But Mother warns her that fallen stars are the fragile remains of an abandoned wish, and when one dies in Willa’s paws, a dark bird awakens.

Its name is Kurou, the Night, and it will do what it takes to keep Willa out of its sky.

A Rising Star is a whimsical, illustrated fairytale targeted for MG readers. At its core, it’s a tale about overcoming self-doubt to realize your true creative potential.


A Rising Star is currently in progress with updates frequently posted on Patreon.

It’s currently set to be released in 2020.