We took some pictures of our Air BnB before leaving. Here is one of the spare rooms.


The room we slept in.

The dining area. Goodbye Onomichi! We both vowed to return one day. Next up is Osaka.


The bullet train brought us near downtown Osaka.

We dropped off our stuff in a locker, and made our way to a restaurant that serves okonomiyaki, which translates as “how you like it.” Indeed, we could choose what ingredients were mixed into the batter, which was then fried in the kitchen and served on a tabletop griddle to keep it piping hot. It wasn’t the best meal, but it was memorable.

Next we took the local metro to the Osaka Castle Park, where we enjoyed even more cherry blossoms. We found this unusual variegated tree that included white, pink, and blended blossoms.


The Osaka Castle is the centerpiece of the park. All the stonework surrounding the castle was built during the time Japan was unified, over 400 years ago.

The original castle was burned down during a conflict. This one is a faithful reconstruction. Inside is a modern museum that tells the story of the castle and its importance in Japan’s history.

Photos were not allowed in most parts of the museum, but we were allowed to take pictures and video of this miniature battle.

At the top of the castle we enjoyed sweeping panoramic views of Osaka.


 Down below is the park plaza. At this point, Ali and I were exhausted from 9 days of nonstop traveling, sightseeing, and adventuring, so we decided to turn in early and just chill out for the rest of the evening.