There’s a system to discourage the monkeys from attacking humans for food: we were required to enter a small building with wire fence windows, from which we could place peanuts or bananas on the ledge for the monkeys to take. This way, food is only distributed from safely within the building, which trains the monkeys to eat at the windows instead of chasing down tourists.


Ali made a friend.

We made our way back down the mountain, and found ourselves on a quiet street while heading toward a restaurant.

We boarded the Shinkansen again to travel further South to Onomichi. I discovered the most futuristic bathroom I’ve ever seen.


We made it to our Air BnB in Onomichi. Our host was kind enough to pick up up from the station and bring us to a grocery store, where I bought a sushi dinner. The guest house was peaceful and tidy.


The shower room was full of wooden features that made the room feel warm and inviting.

Outside the house was a beautiful cherry blossom tree and a view of Japan’s inland sea. Gazing out at the water and the tiny islets was one of the most relaxing moments we had during the whole trip.