"When asked about the most successful thing I've done, I say that it was to take something I loved as a child and turn it into a lifelong career."

Ali works full-time as a freelance illustrator living in Northern California. She specializes in character design, illustration, and visual storytelling for mobile, board games, card games, and books.

She is currently working on her debut illustrated novel Shadow Singer (working title).

When she was young, she lived more in her head than in the real world. Everything had a story. The texture in the walls had faces, appliances felt sad when they broke, and she spent more time with her dolls than she did making friends. Watching a Disney movie more than once a day was normal. It was somewhere between coloring books and playing dress-up that she discovered a blank sheet of paper and pencils.



Illustrations are visual stories great for books, cover art, games, or marketing.


Character design is a great asset for role-playing, narrative games, and animation.


I'm available to paint personal commissions! Please email me for info.

Sole Illustrator for "Duct Tape Engineer" by Lance Akiyama.

Conference Associate of 5 years for the annual Game Developer's Conference.